Graco Fusion CS Gun with 00 Round Mix Chamber (.029 orifice size)
Graco’s new Fusion plural-component spray gun with ClearShot (CS) Technology applies foam and polyureas. Strengthened with breakthrough ClearShot Technology, the Fusion CS delivers improved productivity and performance throughout the spray day.
ClearShot Technology sets the Fusion CS gun apart from every other gun. The secret of the revolutionary ClearShot Technology is the blue, non-toxic ClearShot Liquid. ClearShot Liquid is contained in a disposable, non-reusable cartridge, which is easily inserted into the gun’s ergonomic handle. Every time the trigger is pulled, ClearShot Liquid dispenses into the mix chamber and dissolves any built-up chemical – keeping it clean.
The new, advanced features on the Fusion CS  make up a completely new gun that is designed  to stay cleaner, save time on maintenance  and reduce long-term ownership costs. With the Fusion CS, you can face your  spray day head on, prepared for a day  of spraying, not maintaining.  ClearShot Technology can save you  nearly an hour of downtime each day,  making more days available for other  opportunities – and allowing  you to spray more foam.
The ten settings on the break-through variable flow feature eliminate the need to switch out guns or change-out equipment.  Fewer spray-day interruptions and greater maneuverability help you finish a job quicker and turn around more jobs in less time. By coating key components with Chromex, replacing parts is less costly  and saves you time and money. Longer-life mix chambers and side seals  minimize repair and replacement costs. The new Fusion CS puts a complete problem-solving package in your hands.  Imagine the power and all-day productivity this new gun offers.