Spray Foam Insulations

ThermoSeal Open Cell and Closed Cell spray foams  are the most energy efficient spray foams money can buy. Our open cell spray foams also offer  tremendous health benefits over Fiberglass and Cellulose, have tremendous sound quieting properties. They also add significant building strength, helping to make an overall safer structure. All Bd Ft are quoted in Summer conditions.

Open Cell Spray Foam

ThermoSeal 360 (0.4 lb.)

Yield: Up to 20,000 Bd. Ft.

ThermoSeal 500 (0.5 lb.)

Yield: Up to 17,500 Bd. Ft.

ThermoSeal OCX (0.45 lb. No Ignition Barrier Needed)

Yield: Up to 16,000 Bd. Ft.

FlameGuard 500 (0.5 lb. No Ignition Barrier Needed)

Yield: Up to 16,000 Bd. Ft.

Closed Cell Spray Foam

ThermoSeal ONE (1.7 lb.)

Yield: Up to 6,000 Bd. Ft.

ThermoSeal 2000 (2.0 lb.)

Yield: Up to 5,000 Bd. Ft.

ThermoSeal 5G (1.7 lb.)

Yield: Up to 5,400 Bd. Ft.

ThermoSeal CCX (2.1 - 2.3lb)

Yield: Up to 4,400 Bd. Ft. High Yield, No Ignition Barries Needed

ThermoSeal MAX (1.7 lb.)

Yield: 5,200 Bd. Ft.

Insulation Comparison Table

Insulation Yield Bd. Ft. Air Barrier Vapor Barrier Mold & Mildew Control Structural Increase Sound Control Open Cell Closed Cell
ThermoSeal 360 18,000+
ThermoSeal 500 (0.5lb foam) 15.000+
ThermoSeal 800 (0.75lb foam) 13,000+
ThermoSeal OCX (0.5lb foam) 16,000+
ThermoSeal 2000 (2.0lb foam) 4,200+ 3x
ThermoSeal CCX (2.0 – 2.2lb foam) 4,500+ 3x
Standard Cellulose